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Royal Shine Paint Protection

Premium Paint Correction Service in Wilkes Barre

Cars are an important financial investment and the external condition of a car plays a major role in its value over time. However, certain environmental conditions such as UV rays, oxidation, and acid rain can drastically reduce the glossiness of paint within just one year after purchase. Paint Correction offers a solution to restore your vehicle's original look - guaranteeing long-term resale appeal while protecting against any further damage from extreme weather elements.
What is Paint Correction?​

Paint correction is an intensive process that can take your car’s paint from dull and oxidized to sparkling like new. Through the use of specialized tools, it removes imperfections such as swirl marks and scratches while restoring its original shine with careful removal of just enough clear coat. Whether done manually or through machine polishers, this detailing technique will have you marvel at your vehicle’s transformation!

Getting paint correction Wilkes Barre is an excellent way to maximize the value of your car, as well as its desirability. It helps restore a vehicle’s original luster and shine, appealing to potential buyers while also preserving its look over time with regular upkeep. Investing in paint correction Wilkes Barre ensures that your ride will remain in peak condition.

If your vehicle's paint job has suffered from swirl marks, scratches, or even oxidation over the years, then it may be time for a professional Paint correction. This intensive detailing process uses specialized tools and techniques to bring back that new-car shine without removing any of its essential protective coatings.

Top-Rated Paint Correction Wilkes Barre

Not only that, but it also protects the paint from further damage by removing any imperfections that could lead to rust and corrosion. Overall, Paint correction is an effective way to protect and enhance your car’s appearance, which can be beneficial for both personal use and resale value.

At Royal Shine Paint Protection, we understand the importance of maintaining the appearance and value of your vehicle. Car detailing Wilkes Barre expert technicians understands that keeping up appearances can add tremendous value to any car and is dedicated to providing top-quality paint correction services with state-of-the-art tools and techniques. 

For optimal protection, we also offer ceramic coating; an additional layer designed specifically to enhance both look and longevity of a car’s finish. No matter how large or small the job may be, our experienced professionals ensure tailored treatment so you get exactly what you need!

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Benefits of Paint Correction Wilkes Barre

  • Improved Paint Gloss & Shine
  • Removal of Scratches, Oxidation, & Paint Defects
  • Enhanced Paint Consistency
  • Protection From Further Damage To Paint
  • Increased Resale Value
  • Durability – Glossy Finish Lasts Longer Without Fading or Wearing Off
Ultimate Armor Wilkes Barre

Professional Paint Correction Wilkes Barre Service

At Royal Shine Paint Protection, we believe a car is nothing more than an important part of daily life – but that it should remain to look its best. That’s why our specialized service helps to maintain the appearance and value of your cherished vehicle with paint correction Wilkes Barre, using the most advanced tools available to bring back all its original shine and luster. Don’t just take care on roads; trust us for restoring flawless finishes too. Learn more about us today!

Currently, we provide 3 different packages to suit whatever your paint correction needs may be. You can choose from one of our packages or we can customize the process to meet your specific needs.

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Single Stage Polish

This process involves polishing your car's paint in one step with a single polish and pad combination. It's perfect for paintwork already in good condition and free from visible swirls or minor marring.

Royal Shine Paint Protection - 4

2-Step Paint Correction

This service begins with the application of cutting polish followed by polishing using 2 different polish and pad combinations, a ceramic coating finish. This is perfect for vehicles with moderate swirl marks and light defects.

Royal Shine Paint Protection - 3

Full Paint Correction

This exclusive Royal Shine process combines three specialized polish-pad combinations for a superior finish that refines the exterior and removes marring - followed by Ceramic Coating to seal the paint job. This service is perfect for cars with heavy swirl marks, scratches, and other paint defects.

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