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Royal Shine Paint Protection

Ceramic Pro Ultimate Armor Package in Wilkes Barre

For car owners everywhere, taking care of their vehicles is a matter of utmost importance. Even if it means investing more money in upgrades and repairs to ensure that the vehicle remains reliable for years - yet many find such expense both inconvenient and irritating. Not only that, but external elements such as weather or road debris can also damage cars over time, making regular maintenance challenging to keep up with!
The revolutionary brand Ceramic Pro understands that you want the best protection for your car, and they've delivered with their Ultimate Armor Wilkes Barre Package. This package gives cars superior defense against weathering damage, everyday wear-and-tear, road debris - even oxidation! All in all, it's a powerful barrier preventing any long-term discoloration or fading of the paint. At Royal Shine Paint Protection, we are proud to be qualified to offer Ceramic Pro's Ultimate Armor Package. This package includes: Full Front PPF, Ceramic Coating, Wheel Ceramic Coating, & Glass Ceramic Coating for head to toe coverage of your vehicle. It is the also the only paint protection package on the market to offer a Lifetime Warranty.

Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coatings

Covered in a protective layer of the world-leading Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coating and Paint Protection Film, the Ultimate Armor Package provides more than three times the durability and self-cleaning properties that conventional clear coats can’t match. Ceramic Pro seals it all for a permanent shield against wear and tear – offering unparalleled protection with every use.

KAVACA Paint Protection Film

KAVACA Royal Shine Paint Correction

Invest in the Ultimate Armor Package to keep your car looking pristine. It includes Ceramic Pro’s KAVACA Paint Protection Film which provides unrivaled defense against damage caused by objects and abrasions, as well as harsh environmental toxins. These films are applied strategically on cars, trucks, or SUVs for maximum protection from scratches & rock chips that could otherwise cause costly repairs – so you can cruise confidently with a flawless finish!

Ultimate Armor Wilkes Barre
The Best of Both Worlds!

Shield your vehicle’s paint with the Ultimate Armor Package; an all-inclusive solution for maintaining its pristine condition.

Equipped with Ceramic Pro KAVACA Paint Protection Film, you can trust that it’ll stand up to damaging objects and toxins more easily than ever before! This means you don’t have to worry about awkward scratches or rock chips – cruise around town confidently in a car that always looks flawless.

Moreover, the  car detailing Wilkes Barre Package provides the ultimate protection and assurance – a Lifetime Warranty against rock chips, scratches, and more. Plus, you get an unbeatable full-vehicle appearance package! Nothing else comes close in terms of coverage.

With Royal Shine Paint Protection, you’ll get unbeatable warranty coverage that goes beyond the standard measures. You can rest assured knowing any damage caused by road debris, oxidation staining, or fading is fully taken care of with just one phone call from our experienced Elite Dealers – and it will even be reflected on your CarFax report.  Learn more about us today!

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So if you’re looking to experience the ultimate luxury protection, you can schedule an appointment with Royal Shine Paint Protection to avail the Ceramic Pro Ultimate Armor Wilkes Barre Package! Contact us at (570) 290-4771 or email us at royalshine20@hotmail.com to keep your car looking its best for a lifetime and revel in unbeatable peace of mind.


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